Sunday, November 22, 2015

Give Thanks

Country Fall
Giving begins at home.
   There are those around you that are in dire straights who can use a helping hand with something extra for both Christmas and Thanksgiving.
   Few in Ono County need be reminded of the art of giving and helping as is noted by the sums of money raised each year for various charities, organizations, and church funds. For most it is a matter of habit as we appreciate what we have. We know how difficult it is to earn and keep our resources, family, and friends. We've all faced times of trepidation when things were rough, but we managed to work our way over the hard times, and want to share with those at home and around the world who are finding living a rough road to hoe.
   The food barrels around the county are one of the best methods to use when you want to give something to help others during this special season without becoming known for your acts of consideration and kindness.
   Giving anonymously is the finest act of helping others because it frees you from being hounded by unwanted solicitations once your name goes on a fund raising list. It allows you the satisfaction of knowing you've given what you can afford to give. To know that your bequests have helped someone you may pass on the street who can keep their dignity as human beings without being obligated to be beholden to you.
   This is the essence of freedom and observance: to be able to walk down the street and smile in greeting to your fellow citizens without knowing their circumstances, nor they yours. It is the importance of have the privilege of living in the freest country in the world. The freedom to give as you choose and not be bound by laws that demand the efforts of your endeavors be distributed to others by the directions of still others. This is now true to some extent, but in danger of becoming a greater burden unless we stand up and defend ourselves and right to make our own choices of giving.
   You can never buy friendship or respect, those qualities must be earned. We've often wondered why our politicians have never learned this simple fact, which our ancestors granted to us with their lives.
   Americans are the most generous group of people who have ever lived on earth. They are also the most maligned and hated for the same quality. So at this season of Thanksgiving remember those close to home, though we've wonder how they cope when presented with a turkey dinner in the raw when all one has ever known of culinary procedures is pushing the buttons on a microwave.
    Maybe before we start delivering food baskets of old to the indigent we might consider supplying the bird precooked in can with an opener.

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