Monday, December 4, 2017

Color It Christmas

The joy of the Christmas celebration is a theme that rings every where we go in songs, decorations, gifts, food, and stories. It's a time when making a child happy is foremost in our efforts to share an understanding of the importance of the season.
  The idea for this collection of holiday books was conceived over a cup of coffee. The author/illustrator and I were talking about how very young children view all the hustle-and-bustle that revolves around them. How they learn to read. How we introduce them to the basic building blocks of our written language. I'm sure I first encountered the alphabet with a set of wooden squares that had raised letters on the sides.
   Twenty-six letters, with a bit of a squeeze, fit into the American style Advent calendar. What better way to help a child or remind an adult of the joy and meaning of the season than to color in each day a letter and learn a word associated with the celebration? If we sneak in lessons that lead to reading readiness so much the better for an extra benefit.
   Barbara Appleby, author and illustrator, used today's technology to create three versions of a Christmas book to suit individual tastes, Alphabet Christmas. They are available from Click on the first title for link to all book styles.

Alphabet Christmas: A B C Coloring Book. "A" is for the perfect Advent calendar to give as a gift to a child or adult. Twenty-six letters of the alphabet - color a page every day to end with "z" to blow the debris away. We sent a copy to a shut-in friend and she loves it.
Alphabet Christmas: ABC's (Paperback picture book). Each year a special title appeals to all ages. Enjoy and treasure a picture book of holiday words, some old and some new to keep and share for seasons to come. A perfect gift for both children or someone you love who is spending Christmas in a nursing home.
Alphabet Christmas: A B C Kindle edition (Picture Book). This edition is designed as a text pop-up book, so both the letter and the word become important. I'm not sure at what age children acquire these electronic marvels, but I'm sure I saw toy models in the stores.
   Are you on the fly? Grab a lunch, rest, relax, and enjoy a moment's peace right on your phone or device at a touch of a button as your present to you.

   We met Barbara Appleby at our first book signing some years back. She peppered us with questions about writing and the different aspects of independent publishing. We talked for over an hour, while we traded thoughts and ideas.
   I soon learned she had talents and skills that I do no possess. I can imagine an illustration, but I do not have the talent to create it. For some time I've sent her a vague idea and asked if she can develop it, hence the pen drawings that appear with our articles are the product of her creative imagination. I sometimes forget to give her credit for the work.
   Visit with Barbara on Twitter: @PenDrawings or Facebook: barbara.appleby.37.

Nash Black, author of Forged Blade

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