Friday, January 29, 2016

Haunted Holidays

Haunted Holidays: Twelve Months of Kentucky Ghosts is the current title Roberta Simpson and her husband, Lonnie Brown have added to their long list of exceptional ghost story collections that take place in South Central Kentucky.
   Their stories have entertained thousands and over the years people have told them about their experiences with ghosts. Many of these stories have ended up in previous collections by the Browns. This year they realized they had accumulated a trove of ghost stories that center around the various holidays we celebrate, not just Halloween.
   As they state in their introduction ghost stories originally were told during the Christmas holidays as witness Charles Dickens; famous A Christmas Carol.
    Haunted Holidays begins with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and continues through the year to New Year's Day for 16 specific holidays. Several stories are included for each for each specific holiday.
   When I first began reading I'd planned to read through the collection on a specific holiday, but their stories were so fascinating I kept turning the pages. I knew some of the places they were describing and through their writing I became acquainted with the people who had shared their experience with Roberta and Lonnie.
   Their stories invoke a deliciousness of being frightened, but safe at the same time. Most of their ghosts go about their own ghostly business what ever that is? Some of the ghosts lend a helping hand to loved oe in times of great need when danger threatens them.
   At times they delve into the paranormal when persons disappear and are never seen again. Questions remain, did they meet foul play? No one knows except once they were there and then they were gone.
   All of the stories are for the sole purpose of entertainment and to be told for enjoyment on days like last week when all one can do is watch it snow and the satellite dish is coated with ice blocking the signal.
   We are included when Roberta and Lonnie tell of a visit to the local movie theater, which is now a playhouse and other places in Ono County. They brought their friend, Susan Brown, who has an amazing ability to communicate with ghosts.
   Several months earlier I'd taken a photo of a house on a road near our home where a man was murdered. When it was viewed on the computer the photo showed an orb (psychic energy) hovering near the roof on the side of the house. I'd sent it to Roberta as Nash was skeptical and thought I'd caught a rain drop on the lens. No one can tell for sure, but it remain my only "possible or probable" photograph of a ghost.
   Susan and I were standing on the road in front of the house. Lonnie, Nash, and Roberta had walked down the road a piece. We has no intention of trespassing or collecting chiggers and deer ticks from the weeds. Susan was using copper rods and asking questions. I was watching the rods move in a lazy fashion. The she clearly asked, "Is there anything we can do?" The rods slammed violently crosswise in a definite, "No." I lost any doubt. There was a presence that wanted us to clear out and mind our own business.
   The Brown's books are published by the University Press of Kentucky and are available on Amazon. When you see them I'm sure they have copies they are willing to sign in the trunk of their car. 

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